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Car Seat Covers

A good car seat cover will let you drive in comfort. When shopping for a car seat cover, consider the shape of your seats and what material best suits your needs.

Different car seat types have different cover requirements. Bench seats will have different car seat cover dimensions depending on whether they're solid benches, split benches or another type. If your car has bucket seats, you'll need covers with features like wrap-around elastic cords that firmly anchor edges. These types of covers are easily modified for sports cars that require more durability and comfort. It's also important to look for car headrest covers that fit your seats.

Material is another important consideration. Ballistic nylon seat covers are a good choice if you have kids or pets, since it's very thick, waterproof and rugged. Canvas covers are durable and withstand daily wear and tear. Sheepskin and fur provide great insulation and keep seats cool when exposed to the sun. Velour offers a soft finish and is easy to clean. Tweed is similar to velour but is stain and rip resistant. Vinyl and leather offer a tighter fit, and synthetic leather offers a sleek look at a lower cost.

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