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Baby Gates

Once your baby starts crawling or cruising, they'll be able to get just about anywhere, including places they shouldn't go. A baby gate can be crucial for keeping your child off the stairs, out of the kitchen and away from other dangerous spots.

When you pick out a baby gate, you'll have a choice between a hardware-mounted gate and a pressure-mounted gate. Hardware-mounted gates are generally installed by drilling into the surrounding walls, while pressure-mounted gates rely on pressure to stay in place. There are also gates that can be mounted either way. Pressure mounting is generally easier, but hardware-mounted gates are more secure, and they're the only safe choice around staircases.

Before buying a baby gate, measure the space you need to cover. Most baby gates are designed to fit standard doorways, but some fit wider spaces, and gate extensions are also available. If you want to block off an area that doesn't have a doorway, such as a fireplace, you'll need a configurable gate.

Whatever your needs, you'll find Everyday Low Prices on baby gates and other baby safety products at Walmart.