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Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener makes getting in and out of your garage much easier. When shopping for a garage door opener, consider what type of drive system is best for you, what entry method you prefer and what special features you may want.

There are three basic types of garage door opener drive systems: chain, screw and belt. The chain drive is the most cost-effective option and is fairly easy to install. The screw drive, which tends to be slightly more expensive, is easy to install and maintain and is generally quieter than a chain drive. The belt drive uses a reinforced belt to raise the door and involves minimal vibration. If you have overhead garage storage, choose a garage opener with a screw or belt drive, since chain garage doors may shake the foundation of the garage and cause objects to fall.

Different garage door openers offer different entry methods, including keypads and remote controls. A keychain remote can be a good option if you'll often need to enter the garage without a car.

Some garage door openers have manual emergency releases, which can be useful if something gets stuck under the door or if you lose power. You'll also find ones that automatically switch on a light and ones with speed controls, force guards and vacation settings.

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