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Looking for a way to warm your home during those cold winter months? DX Daily Store has you covered, with a large selection of heaters, stoves and fireplaces at Every Day Low Prices.

A room heater is often the most practical way to make a space feel warm and cozy. Before buying a heater, determine the amount of heating you need in BTU by figuring out the temperature increase you want in degrees Fahrenheit and multiplying it by the cubic footage of the room. Then decide whether you want a radiant heater or a convection heater. Radiant heaters transfer heat from a hot surface to a room, while convection heaters heat up the air by moving air currents circulating through the body of the heater and across its heating element. Finally, consider whether an electric heater, a propane heater, a natural gas heater or an oil heater is most practical for you.

A fireplace or stove is another nice heating option. A wood fireplace or stove is highly economical if you have a supply of wood available, and it will work even in a power outage. Pellets made from sawdust or wood chips are a renewable fuel source and have most of the advantages of wood. Gas fireplaces have consistent and adjustable flames and don't require much ventilation. electric fireplaces and stoves don't require venting and can often be used where wood burning isn't possible.

With great prices on stoves, fireplaces and heaters, DX Daily Store has you covered. Save money. Live better.