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Lawn mowers

Having the right lawn mower can make maintaining your lawn much easier. To choose the best lawn mower for you, consider your lawn size and terrain.

If you have a small, flat lawn under a quarter of an acre in size, you may do well with a manual push lawn mower, or reel lawn mower. However, reel lawn mowers aren't the best choice if you have a lot of trees or flower beds, since the blades may get tangled in debris or twigs.

If you have a larger lawn or hilly terrain, a walk-behind gas or electric lawn mower is a good choice. Gas lawn mowers don't require a cord and can easily power through thick grass and move over hilly terrain. Electric lawn mowers have the advantages of being quiet, requiring little maintenance and having zero emissions. They may be powered with a battery or an extension cord.

riding lawn mowers are practical for relatively flat lawns larger than half an acre. For very large, flat spaces, such as golf fairways and pastures, zero turn riding mowers may be most efficient.

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