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What types of snacks are low in fat?

Snacks that are low in fat include fruit gummy snacks, sliced fruit, pretzels, popcorn, and veggie chips. Air-fried potato chips are often low-fat choices, too.

How can I keep school lunches interesting and nutritious?

Start switching out the same old snacks with new varieties of lunchtime sides. Pack veggie straws instead of cheese curls. Send kids to school with bags of mini pretzels and insulated bowls of hummus instead of graham crackers and chocolate dip. Let kids experiment with new flavor combinations like ginger snaps dipped in applesauce.

Which snacks are good options for travel?

Snack size bags of chips and cookies are nice to have on the road. Order a family size assortment of individually packaged snacks to provide the most options. Beef jerky, energy bars, and squeezable yogurt are also convenient travel choices.

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