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How to buy big and tall clothes for men

The term "big and tall" is a bit of a misnomer. In general, men who need to shop for big and tall clothing are either big or tall -- very few would qualify as big and tall (think adult football and basketball players). This means that the clothes someone might consider to be "big" aren't likely to wear well on someone who's "tall." If you're buying big and tall clothes for yourself or for someone you know, such as a family member, there are a few things you should know in advance. Once you have that down, shop DX Daily Store, where we have everything you need big- and tall-related at Every Day Low Prices.

Size is everything

The best thing you can do for yourself or for someone you care for when buying clothing is to know the right size to choose. If you're buying for yourself, you also want to make sure your clothing fits well. The right size flatters. Here are some tips for choosing various clothing items for both big and tall men:

  • Waist - When measuring your waist for pants, shorts, other bottoms and belts, you want to measure around the area where you normally wear your pants, which may be slightly higher or lower than where your natural waistline may be. Wrap the tape measure around that line, trying to keep the tape level, but don't pull it tight. It should be snug. Then, place a finger between your waist and the tape. that's the measurement for your waist. If you like you bottoms looser, you can add up to an inch to the measurement.
  • Chest - This information is useful for many clothing items like shirts and suit coats. Standing normally and, taking normal breaths, wrap the tape measure around the top of your chest just underneath your armpits. This number is your chest measurement, although you can add a half-inch or so if you want the garment to be slightly looser.
  • Neck - For collared shirts like button-down styles or polo styles, you want to allow at least an extra half-inch to the measurement you make to avoid a collar that's too tight when buttoned. Wrap a measuring tape around your neck below your Adam's apple in the area where your shirt collar would normally be. This is your neck measurement.
  • Sleeve - You need this information for long-sleeve shirts and suit coats. This is one of the simplest measurements to take. Measure from the center of your shoulder joint to the edge of your wrist bone.
  • Inseam - This information is necessary for all long pants you might want to buy, including suit pants or khakis. This measurement is better handled by someone for you. In your bare or stocking feet and standing straight, have someone measure one of your legs on the inner part from the end of your crotch area to the center of your ankle bone. This is your inseam.

Using these measurements

The first step to buying clothes is to make sure that you look for "tall" and "big" labels. We have a complete line of big and tall clothing, so you have many options to choose from. Use the numbers you get from taking your measurements to find the right shirts and pants for your size. Shirts will have the collar and sleeve measurements (and some will have the chest information as well), and all pants will have the waist and inseam information.

Suits and blazers can be a little trickier. The suit size comes from your chest size as the starting point. Then, depending on your body type, you select a jacket length. The options we have are short, regular and long. So a big man might choose a suit coat that's 50R, while a taller man might select one that 54L. Then, you match the pants based on inseam length and waist size.

Choosing the clothing that makes you look good

Big and tall men look good in anything. The fabrics and styles that men of average height wear look just as good on tall men, too. However, tall men will want to consider three-button suit jackets and sports coats as opposed to two-button designs; these add a little length to the coat. Extra-long ties are also good options for tall men.

For big men, add a bit of extra room when taking clothing measurements. Choose pleated trousers as opposed to straight cut for a little more room to move. Select jeans with a little extra room in the seat or a gusseted crotch for additional comfort when moving about.

Whether you need shirts and pants, socks and underwear, or sleepwear and active wear, you can easily make informed selections when shopping for yourself or the big and tall man in your life. Check out the wide variety of clothing options available at Walmart. Save money. Live better.