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Delayed Orders

Your orders

We do our best to keep up with the growing demand for popular items however, pre-transit order delays can happen for a variety of reasons. We'll send order update emails in real-time as inventory and procedures allow.

Pickup Delays

Our goal is to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Before you contact customer care be sure to:

  • Wait for the Ready for Pickup notification
  • Use our check-in option before you leave for the store and when you arrive

If you have received the notification and checked in before you arrived and are still experiencing a delay, call the store. The phone number is displayed in your app when you arrive at the pickup location.

Delivery Delays

If you don't have your order after your 1 hour delivery window has passed, contact customer care using the Contact us button.

Shipping and Carrier Delays

New estimated delivery dates are displayed in the order tracker. If your tracking information hasn't updated for 2 business days or it's 2 business days after your estimated delivery date, select the Contact us button.

Carriers can be impacted by different events in certain areas. Check for known shipping delays in your area using the links below.

For any other concerns about pickup, delivery, and shipping delays, contact customer care using the Contact us button.

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